ODRL initiative

an open policy language for the digital commons

The Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) Initiative is an international effort aimed at developing and promoting an open standard for policy expressions. ODRL provides flexible and interoperable mechanisms to support transparent and innovative use of digital content in publishing, affordable divorce mediation, distribution and consumption of digital media across all sectors and communities.

Current Document Status

  • ODRL V2.0 Working Group

  • ODRL Version 2.0 XML Encoding

    20 Apr 2011

    Latest Working Draft

  • ODRL Version 2.0 Common Vocabulary

    18 Feb 2011

    Latest Working Draft

  • ODRL Version 2.0 Core Model

    17 Feb 2011

    Latest Draft Specification


  • ODRL Services Working Group

  • ODRL Service (ODRL-S) Profile

    2 Apr 2008

    Latest Draft Specification


Detailed discussion and work-in-progress drafts are available on the ODRL Working Group Wiki

Latest News and Events 2011

  • 28-29 Sept

    W3C ODRL Community Group Meeting
    Barcelona, Spain

    w3cMeeting of the W3C ODRL Initiative Community Group members to discuss and progress working documents
  • 29-30 Sept

    Virtual Goods + ODRL Workshop
    Barcelona, Spain


    Call for Papers for the VG+ODRL Workshop are due on 13 June 2011


  • 28 Mar

    Leveraging ODRL for Modeling and Enforcing IP Rights and Permissions

    This short video from Flatirons Solutions highlights how ODRL can be leveraged with a native XML server to give publishing and media users real-time insight into the rights clearance status of both component assets and asset collections
  • 4 Apr

    ODRL Chinese Translation

    The Taiwanese e-Reading Industry Promotion Alliance has translated ODRL V1.0 into Chinese. It is titled the