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Celebrity Entrepreneur interview with Harvard Business School Alumni Assocation of Orange County


Published on May 4, 2013

This is a must see interview with Dr. John OKeefe and Harvard Business School Association Board Members Thomas Dean and Jon Howell,Two Key Directors of the HBSAOC Leadership Series and Highly Successful Business leaders.

If you are interested in people and ideas, ideas that make big differences in your world and our County overall, the HBSAOC Leadership Series is for you. Each meeting provides networking, discussion, and problem-solving, along with decent food, for an elite group of Southern California’s leaders, whether HBSAOC members, HBS graduates, or the community at large. 
Those active, engaging, and eager to make a difference are all welcome. HLS prides itself on being extremely attendee-friendly—If you are not an HBS alum, if you are a newbie, if whatever, we strive to ensure that you feel welcome, whether it’s your first HLS event or your 30th HLS event. 

The typical HLS Breakfast features a speaker with a presentation on a current business topic and offers ample opportunity to network and share ideas with fellow attendees, including the speaker, before and during breakfast. We pick very interesting speakers, and we prod them to make presentations that make those big differences worthy of your invaluable time and hard-earned money. 
Here is some back ground on Tom and Jon .
Thomas Dean has served many companies in many capacities, from start-ups through stable businesses. Over the past two decades, he has been very active in various entrepreneurial ventures, along with $10 billion worth of real estate investment and development opportunities. Mr. Dean works with his portfolio companies, via Capistrano Ventures, improving operations and preparing companies for capital/liquidity events. Capistrano Ventures stands out because of its focused, comprehensive plans and dedicated implementation to the grail of value creation. 

Jon is currently the Managing Director of Lakefront Capital Holdings LLC which was formed out of the residual assets of Lakefront Capital Holdings Inc. after the sale of ATK/Vege. He is currently responsible for the disposition of the remaining assets as well as managing an investment portfolio.


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